Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, MD)
Peabody Conservatory of Music
Director, Recording Arts and Sciences
Faculty (2009-present)
Oversee and teach Bachelor of Music and Master of Arts courses in Recording Arts and Sciences

Recording I (B.Mus.)
Recording II (B.Mus.)
Advanced Recording Systems (MA)

Committee Experience:
Budget Committee (2011-present)
Council of Chairs (2011-present)

University of Hartford (West Hartford, CT)
Hartt School of Music
Assistant Professor (2007-2009)
Chair, Music Production and Technology (2007-2009)
Director, Hartt Recording Studios (1999-2009)
Adjunct Faculty (1996-1999)

Music Production Technology I, II
Music Production Techniques I, II
Sound Technology I, II
Fundamentals of Music Production
Practicum in Music Production
Special Topics: Creative Music Synthesis
Hartt Summerterm Workshops (for music educators)
Intro to Recording Arts 
Mac as a Musical Instrument
The Digital Audio Workstation 
Intro to Recording Techniques 

Committee experience:
Music Library Committee (1999-2009)
Hartt Technology Committee (founding co-Chair, Chair 2004-2009)
Educational Technology Grants for faculty (2008) - charged with evaluating proposals from faculty for university grants established to equip faculty with technology for their classes and, in some cases, provide training.

Strategic Technology Planning Committee (2006-07) - initially chaired by the University Provost, then by the Assoc. Provost, charged with developing a recommendation of how technology would be best used in the classroom in the immediate future and five to ten years later.

Search committee for Performing Arts Technology Specialist  (2006-07) - a position I advocated for at the university level.

University Web Curriculum Committee (2005-06) - charged with exploring use of Internet for classes offered entirely online, hybrid classes (some online, some in-person instruction) and using the Internet to support or enhance in-person classes.

Copyright committee (2004-05) - charged with evaluating areas of academic and service departments’ use of protected materials.

Yale University, School of Drama
Lecturer in Sound Design (2004-2009)
Recording Arts
Logic Pro workshops (2005)

New York University
Summerterm Adjunct Faculty (1999-2000)
Concert Recording III (graduate-level course in Sonic Solutions, audio mastering)

Napier Edinburgh University, Scotland, UK (2010)
“Making Records” Lecture Series -- Thames Valley University, London, UK (2010)
“Industry Week” -- Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies, UK (2010)
Towson University (2009)
Dongguk University (South Korea, June 2008 and 2009) - Recording Arts Workshop 
Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies (UK, 2008)
Birmingham Conservatoire (UK, 2007 and 2008) - Human Hearing and the Use of Stereophonic Microphone Techniques. 
Staffordshire Univ (UK, 2007) - Two lectures: Human Hearing and the Use of Stereophonic Microphone Techniques, The Importance of Timbre in Music Synthesis and Sampling.
MENC Eastern Conference (Providence, RI, 2003) - Audio Recording for School Ensembles
International Society of Bassists Conference (University of Richmond, VA, 2003) - Co-presented lecture/recital with double-bassist Volkan Orhon on the CD project, Multiplicity, we had co-produced, and I had engineered, that involved recording bass ensemble compositions (from duo to 14 part) with Mr. Orhon performing all the parts.

Making Original Sounds, Publication Date Fall 2014
Mix Magazine, Nov 2002, The Right Stuff column, by Paul Lehrman, featured the Music Production and Technology program at Hartt in its annual audio education issue.
Mix Magazine, Feb 1999, “The Coolidge Quartet: Chamber Music on Location” 

Voting member of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences
Professional member of the Audio Engineering Society
Writer and Publisher member of ASCAP

2010 - Downbeat Student Music Awards, College Engineered Live Recording Outstanding Performance (Peabody/JHU)
2008 - Shure Fantastic Scholastic Recording Competition (runner-up)
2006 - Downbeat Student Music Awards, College Engineered Studio Recording Outstanding Performance. (Hartt/U of Hartford)
2004 - Audio Engineering Society student award, Surround Production Non-Classical